Let me introduce myself. My name is

Mark Gingrass

Welcome to MarkGingrass.com, where I host several blog sites. Consider this my portfolio site. A YouTube video accompanies most blog posts, so check them out.

Mark Thomas Gingrass at the science museum
Mark Gingrass is Having fun at the science museum.

Managing Software Development

Learn how to work with software development teams, management, agile, scrum, and everyday rants in the industry.

My adventures

Mountain biking, hiking, skateboarding, traveling, and more. Follow my adventures through North and South America.

R Programming Tutorials

Why Learn R? What are the reasons to learn R for Data Science? In these video tutorials, I will answer all these types of questions.

Parenting Autistic children

My first camping trip with Liz and her kids on the spectrum was a great experience. Unfortunately, some parents abandon outdoor camping-type trips because it could mean disaster. This blog shows you how to overcome the challenges of getting back outdoors.

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