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I came across this Github package by ndphillips and thought it was pretty cool and decided to make it even easier to setup. I really just wanted to play with it so here is my excuse.

My Visual Resume


Most people who have used R for a few weeks or months have probably already installed devtools. Just in case it isn’t already installed, simply uncomment line 18 to install for the first time

## Uncomment line 10 if you need to install "devtools"



Top Left

Fill in Name, Designator, Title and Company/Office Then direclty below that, choose the size of each font

## Top Left of Visual Resume
  titles_top_left = c("Mark Gingrass, MBA", ## Name, Designator
                  "Operations Researcher", ## Title
                  "FDA Office of Science / Regulatory Informatics") ## Company/Office
  ## Font sizes
  titles_top_left_font_sizes = c(4, ## Size of Name 
                      2, ## Size of Title
                      1) ## Size of Company/Office

Top Right

Fill in Personal Web Site, Email and Github url. Then directly below that, choose the size of each font.

  ## Top Right of Visual Resume
    titles_top_right = c("", ## Personal Site
                     "", ## Email
                     "") ## Github

    ## Font sizes
    titles_top_right_font_sizes = c(2, ## Size of Personal Site
                         2, ## Size of Email
                         1) ## Size of Github

Timeline Labels

The top and bottom of timeline labels.

timeline_top_label <- "Education"
timeline_bottom_lable <- "Career"

timeline_labels = c(timeline_top_label, timeline_bottom_lable)

Timeline Data

Although you can create a timeline from any data range, there is only a finite amount of screen real estate to display it. Technically, you can create a png file that can fit larger ranges and display only parts of it at a time on the screen. The choice is yours.

You can delete or add more entries - just follow the pattern. To add, simply cut and paste the last entry and add a new index value.

## Top and Bottom side of timeline placement
top_side = 1
bottom_side = 0

title_sub_start_end_side = list()

title_sub_start_end_side[[1]] <- (c("OK City Comm College",
                                  "Pre-Engineering, A.S.", 
                                  2006, 2007, top_side))

title_sub_start_end_side[[2]] <- (c("Southeastern OK State", 
                                  "BS Aviation Management", 
                                  2009, 2011, top_side))

title_sub_start_end_side[[3]] <- (c("Oklahoma City University", 
                                  2011, 2013, top_side))

title_sub_start_end_side[[4]] <- (c("Equipment Specialist", 
                                  "Turbo-Jet Engines", 
                                  2010, 2015, bottom_side))

title_sub_start_end_side[[5]] <- (c("Avionics Technician", 
                                  "Aircraft Electronic Test Equipment", 
                                  2006, 2010, bottom_side))

title_sub_start_end_side[[6]] <- (c("Avionics Test Station Tech", 
                                  "Active Duty Air Force", 
                                  2002, 2006, bottom_side))

title_sub_start_end_side[[7]] <- (c("Logistics Mngmt", 
                                  "USAF Supply Chain", 
                                  2015, 2016, bottom_side))

title_sub_start_end_side[[8]] <- (c("Operations Researcher", 
                                  "Data Science & Analysis Flight", 
                                  2016, 2018, bottom_side))

title_sub_start_end_side[[9]] <- (c("Operations Researcher", 
                                  "FDA Office of Science", 
                                  2018, 2019, bottom_side))


Have any significant milestones in your career? Win the Nobel prize? Mark it as a milestone.

  milestones = data.frame(title = c("AS", "BS", "MBA"),
                          sub = c("Pre-Engineering", "Management", "Business"),
                          year = c(2007, 2010, 2013))

Major Events

  events = data.frame(year = c(2017.3, 2017, 2014, 2015, 2018),
                      title = c("Completed Army     Logistics               University's        OR/Systems       Analysis                for                Military Applications       Course",
                                "Supervisory     Development    Program               (SDP)",
                                "Created Blue Sky, the most potent methamphetamine ever produced.",
                                "Made first $1,000,000.",
                                "Made second $1,000,000"))


  interests = list("Programming" = c(rep("C++", 4),rep("R", 10), rep("Python", 1), rep("R", 2), "Data Science"),
                   "Machine Learning" = c(rep("Random Forrest", 10), rep("SVM", 5), rep("Regression", 3),rep("Neural Networks", 3)),
                   "Leadership" = c(rep("Commitment", 10), rep("Decision Making", 5), rep("Management", 30), rep("Innovation",10)))
  year.steps = 2

Output PNG File

Due to the way I render and upload blogs, this will cause it to error on my end; however, if you should uncomment this chunk of code.

# png(filename = "VisualResume.png",
#     width = 1600, height = 800)
#   VisualResume::VisualResume()
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