Unique Skills

Mark Gingrass


The question is, what are my transferable skills? What do I bring to the table? This is what this blog post is going to be all about, how to bring a unique set of skills to a field you have never been part of, and to use that for your advantage. Can I even do this?

I will start with how I brought unique tools to a field I never thought I would be in. Supply Chain Management. I studied math, engineering, and computer science in college. I learned my way around software and hardware and electronics for years before stumbling into this realm of Supply Chain.

At first, the Supply Chain was a giant, complex, dynamic beast. Slowly, I learned the intricacies of how all the pieces fit together. I pieced together the legacy systems in play, the timing, the variants in numbers, and the many other facets of Supply Chain Management. I was able to accomplish this because of my unique background, the math whiz, the computer guy, the smart one, as they put it.

What made me so special in the Supply Chain was that I leveraged the knowledge of my past experiences. I did order parts once. I did ship parts. I did label them and scan them and plan for them to be bought. I just never knew the back end, how it all ran. As a Supply Chain professional, I got to see how that worked. Here are a few tips to be successful:

Those are some simple steps to take to get ahead with a new career path, or even starting out. So, how do I plan on using my Supply Chain Management skills to help me get a tech job as a Developer, Machine Learning Engineer or Self Driving Car Engineer? I’m diving right in, that is how. Let me describe some of the steps I have already taking just to learn some of the trade.

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