DSCM - Depot Supply Chain Management Roles



Depot Supply Chain Management - DSCM

In this short video, I summarize some of the roles of the DSCM (pronounced “disk-um”) within the Depot Supply Chain Management organizations.

In short, the DSCM team understands the future requirements for the Air Force (AF) and makes sure the trickle down supply effects are supportable as well.

  1. Air Force Mission Predicted

  2. Air Force Supply positions itself to meet the mission needs

  3. Support for the AF Supply and Depot Repairs is altered (increase/decrease)

  4. Loggies and DSCM team mitigate shortfalls or gaps in support using some of these techniques listed:

    1. Expedited Deliveries

    2. Expedited Purchase Requests

    3. Substitute Parts

    4. Engineering Waivors

    5. Lateral Support

    6. Other

  5. Depot Repairs the parts

  6. Air Force Operations Execute Missions

  7. Back to step 1, repeat.

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