LimoStudio 9 x 15 ft. Green Chromakey Green Screen



LimoStudio Chromakey Green Screen

Just as I stated with the previous review of the LimoStudio Stand, whenever I make a purchase on Amazon, I look at their rating (how many stars) and the quantity of people who actually did rate them. If the business has a 5 star rating with only six reviews, I keep searching. However, if they have a 4.5 star rating with over 100 reviews, that speaks volumes to me.

Check out the video review and recommendation below.

Video Review



Absolutely no setup required. I didn’t even iron or wash this thing before use. It worked perfect.

A few things to take notice with assembly:


I absolutely recommend this Green Screen. Do not skimp on the size. You can always fold it or tuck parts of it away. You will always wish you had a bigger screen if you end up purchasing a smaller one.

Want the stand? Check out this review on the LimoStudio Stand.

First test video

I created this video immediately after I set it up. The quality of the skateboarding is very low and from the late 90’s; however, the green screen worked flawless still.


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