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Option Explicit
'Range Object
'What is an object
'Quick Intro to Integer Variable

Sub my_range()
    Range("A5").Value = 158
    Range("A6").Value = "Hello World"

    Dim my_cool_int As Integer

    my_cool_int = Range("A5").Value

    Range("D10").Value = my_cool_int

    Range("A1:D4").Value = 0

End Sub</code>


Use Range to return a Range object that represents a single Excel cell or a range of cells. Once a Range object is created, you can extract data from cells or input data into cells with ease.

There are many other types of options for Range objects as well; such as, making it bold, italics, changing font style or size, or even locking the cell for example.</P


Visual Basic is an Object-Oriented (OO) language. What is an object? An object is just as it sounds, only in a coded language. A television is an object, a basketball is an object, and a car is an object.

Objects have methods and properties (sometimes referred to as attributes).

A method is a “do something” action. Turn the television on, change the station, set a timer, or change input methods are examples of methods of an object.

Objects have _attributes_¬†as well. An attribute is asking the object, “what color are you,” or, “how tall are you, ” or things such as, “how many miles can you run,” or “what are you holding on to?”

Using Objects

Properties of objects are referenced through the “dot” operator. Simply type the name of the object and an actual “dot” after it.

Example, a Television object might have a property such as my_TV._ReturnChannel; where my_TV is a television object and _ReturnChannel is a property of that object. The properties name is “Return_Channel.”

my_TV._SetVolume might be a television object called my_TV and a method _SetVolume that actually sets the televisions volume.

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