First 2-3 Weeks of Blog - How It’s Doing



Part 1 - First Weeks - Moderate Success

Watch the first four part mini-video series video blogs as I discuss the progress of…this blog. You won’t regret it if you ever want to make money off a blog. These short clips are short enough to breeze through in no time, yet very motivational and effective. Real content here!

For speed users, open the video up and play at 1.25x speed and save time. (I also highly recommend 1.5x podcast if you listen to any).

First Video Blog (VLog?) talks about how a normal person can start a blog and make money. Not a million dollars tomorrow, but something tangible and enough to get you going. You can buy a few beers in a few weeks! I paraphrase, “It’s only going to get exponential from here. I promise you, it’s going to get good!” Click here for SWAG.


Part 2 - Nuts and Bolts. Get Started.

Register your domain name ASAP!!!! I can’t emphasize enough that you won’t make a penny if you never get started. One way ranks you is based on how long you have registered and using the domain name. Be careful about the name of the domain name. Do some research on what is a good domain name. (In the video, you will soon realize that I will later edit this entire post and make it better).

Need help with setting up an account or hosting? Ask me about my one time setup fee so all you have to do is post to get started. Get started today!


Part 3 - Me, My Background - Why is This for You?

Everyone is good at something. Find your niche. I promise you, if you can change a tire, you can be an expert at it and monetize it. Lot’s of things you would never imagine are useful, are useful to someone.

Start small and grow. It took me months to make my first penny off YouTube, now I earn enough to make it worth it. Learn from my mistakes and finish this third part of the video series.


Part 4 - Proof is in the Pudding

Download Wordpress, Download the Wordpress plugin called “Google Analytics Dashboard.” I am completely transparent. Check out my statistics in the first few weeks of having this blog! How much beer can I drink via blog money?


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