Very First VBA Excel Macro Tutorial for Beginners



Recording your first Macro with Microsoft Excel

Have you ever had a task that you repeat over and over again in Microsoft Excel? This tutorial will teach the absolute beginner how to start recording and using macros. This will make your work day much more efficient. So click the short video and start being more productive!


Quick Start Guide: How To Record First Macro

  1. Click on File and select Options.

  2. Select Customize Ribbon, check the box that says Developer, click OK.

  3. Start Recording a macro by clicking the button on the bottom left depicted here:

  4. Next, save the macro as something meaningful. If you are autosizing columns, then name it “AutoSizeColumns” or something similar with no spaces. Also, decide if you want to store this macro on this particular workbook (the file) or if you want to store it on your Personal Workbook which can be used on any file. Once you click OK, you are recording.

  5. At this time, the computer is recording every mouse click, mouse drag, keystroke and even scrolling. Do the repeatable task at this point without any extra steps.

  6. When you are finished with what you want recorded, click the same button to stop the recording.

Using Your Newly Created Macro

  1. Click on the Developer ribbon tab and select Macros.

  2. Select the macro you just named and click Run

Comment below with any questions or suggestions and stay tuned for the next macro and actually viewing and manipulating the VBA Code.

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