Equipment Specialist 1670 Series Government Job



An Equipment Specialist (ES) is a person who knows the equipment inside and out. Not only must the ES expertly understand the equipment directly, he must know the support equipment, software, demand forecasting, and technical aspects surrounding the equipment.

Watch this short video clip to understand even more about what an ES does on a daily basis.


During a class in the Employee Enhancement Program we had to brief about our jobs. This is me briefing about an equipment specialist 1670 series government job. This may be useful if you ever get offered this particular job, you can have somewhat of an idea of what the job entails. I am on the supply chain management side so I deal with more supply chain issues than technical parts issues. I have been an ES for about 1.5 years at this point through a program called Tinker Opportunity for Professionals.

Currently, is showing an ES makes around $72-$79K per year.

Check out some of the books linked below for more information.

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