First C++ Program; Online Compiler, DevC++ and Downloading Free Compilers!



H-e-l-l-o  W-o-r-l-d,

And welcome to, what is most likely, your first C++ tutorial. You have taking the first step to entering into the world of programming. What better choice than to begin your journey with learning C++?

In this post, you will learn how to download free compilers and create your first “Hello World” program. Or, perhaps, if you want to just dabble a bit,  get your feet wet with a free online complier.

Quick Overview

What is a “Hello World” Anyway?

For those that are not familiar with what “Hello World” means, let’s clear that up. The term originated back in the early 70’s when the first variants of the C++ language was being tested. It is a way to send a message, from a computer terminal, to the output device, e.g. computer monitor.

For most programming environments, setting up the compiler, integrated development environment (IDE), and getting programs you create to actually run for the first time is the hardest part of getting started.

I remember my first C++ book back in 1996ish! It was a Borland C++ book full of code snippets (piece of an entire code base, not the entirety). It came with about six 3.5’ floppy disks that contained a C++ compiler and environment to work with.

I stayed up all night installing all the floppy disks and reading the book as much as I can. I was finally ready for my first C++ code to be ran! It was, of course, a “Hello World” program. So simple right?

Wrong! I entered the code, I pressed the run button and got all kinds of errors. I had no clue what those errors meant. I was in 7th grade. I was frustrated to no end. Stayed up all night for nothing! I was just trying to print text to the screen. The frustrations! And that, is what led me to making a couple versions of the “Hello World” with various IDEs. Although most programming environments take care of the hurdles Borland had me work back in 96.

My favorite books of all for learning any programming language are the Deitel and Deitel Books. You don’t have to get the latest and greatest, but check the reviews out for any of their books. I have purchased several of these over the years and continue to love them even for other languages.

Download Microsoft Visual Studio Community

Click the download link here.

Download DevC++

Download DevC++ here.

Online Compiler

Click here for an online compiler.

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